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Pet Stains & Pet Odor Removal 

Cost and Procedure

STEP ONE: Identify and mark all spots and determine their odor level

  • If spots are odor level 1's, general carpet clean and deodorize will fix it. No extra cost.

  • If the room only has 2-3 spots, isolated urine removal can be done on a $ per spot basis.                                                                                                                                        Cost: 1 spot: $50, 2 spots: $35 ea, 3 or more $20 ea

STEP TWO: Entire Room treatment

  • Entire room is treated.  Super soaked and super extracted.

  • Fans are required with this process to dry down carpet/pad as quickly as possible.                                                                                                                                                                      Cost: $150 urine treatment, Fan (s) $25/day with 2 day min dry time.

STEP THREE: Entire room treatment with moisture/vapor barrier added.

  • The room must be emptied out so the carpet can be removed. Pad may be treated or likely replaced.

  • Plastic barrier installed.  Advantage:  future potty spots will be able to be spot cleaned from top down by owner.

  • Carpet back and topside treated.

  • Multiple fans begin drying process. 2 full days.

  • Carpet is reinstalled. Final anti-microbial applied.  Carpet will be odor free and feel great on your toes!                                                                                                                  Same cost as step two ($150 per room) and additional $ for pad .35                        sqft $25 for plastic barrier and $85-125/room restretch and new seam.

  • If the room/home smells of urine upon entry, we will also use air scrubbers to eliminate odor trapped in the various porous surfaces:                                                                           Cost: $30/day ea

EXAMPLE: Customer wants Lvrm, hallway and steps cleaned.  Said "there are probably a couple pee spots". We identify 14 pee spots so end up treating entire Lvrm.  Here is the cost:  carpet clean $129, urine treatment $150, (2) fans to dry under carpet/pad $25/day ea. (we can save u money by using your fans to dry top of carpet). Total cost: $329. 

****This is the most common urine/odor job we do******

  • A general carpet cleaning is not enough to remove pet stains and odors.

  • In severe cases, a single application will not resolve the issue and cannot guarantee an odor-free outcome

  • We teach all pet owners how to mitigate isolated "accidents" to keep the carpeted areas odor free.

  • We always recommend vacuuming after the carpet is dry to get last of pet hair.




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