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Professional Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal. Truck mount system. Commercial Carpet Cleaning. Fargo area.

  • Stain removal is needed when a general carpet cleaning does not remove a heavily soiled area or stained spot

  • In most cases, red spots, gum, tar, paint spots, rust and ink come totally clean.

  • We dye bleach spots back to their original color - satisfaction guaranteed. Saves thousands$

  • If we attempt to remove a stain and you are not satisfied - you will not be charged! 


  • SPOTS:  Ex: 1 red spot removed $20 (same for wax, ink etc).

  • PET HAIR:  is treated as "stained" because of the extra effort required to remove it.

  • VACUUM CHG:  plz vacuum prior to our arrival (empty canister/clean roller brush before vacuuming).  Apt chg:  $25  Townhome and up: $50

  • TRAFFIC AREA:  Example: front entry carpet heavy traffic $40.

  • Dying Bleach Spots:  $65 up to 3 small spots.  Plz text pics of anything larger than small spots for estimate.

(We will always text you pics/additional charges $ above quoted price) 

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