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**HEAVENLY PAWS, our newest community program, will donate a FREE Carpet Cleaning to those families who have lost their pet to liver, kidney failure or affliction causing incontinence or uncontrollable digestive issues. For those who have children, the HUMMER will accompany our steam cleaning van as a distraction or moment of joy and excitement for the kids while your carpet cleaning is being done. Our heart breaks with yours....your pet is your family. Veterinarians will soon have all the details. 

*THE HUMMER'S MISSION: - fitted with LED's, colorful light show and train horn - the H2 is a part of our "SALUTE TO SERVICE" program, FREE of Charge, honoring our military Veterans, their families at various events. Jaxon Dewald will be featured playing our National Anthem to kick off your event. Our way of giving back to the community we serve & bringing awareness to important civic issues.


Business info, including links to your site and social media will be permanently displayed on our website as well as mentioned during our live promo events. If you support our military and are an animal lover, this is definitely the right program to become involved with! 

Creative Wholesale, LLC were the only guys who stepped up and helped sponsor the Hummer.  The H2 is set up with 35x12.50R20  Nitto Mudd Grapplers and the wheels are a new release from Hardcore 20X12's. They ship your wheel/tire package where ever you need it! Results R Bad Ass!

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