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What to Expect When We Sanitize Your Property

The following service was performed following the CDC/

Chemical Manufacturer’s guidelines: 

  1.  EPA approved disinfectant applied to all reasonable surfaces not limited but include: doorknobs, handles, knobs, blinds/strings, counter tops, both sides of doors, closet racks, faucets, toilets,light switches, cupboards in kitchens/bath in all rooms, all appliances, washer/dryer, toilets, bathtubs and all fixtures. Carpet is disinfected after carpet cleaning is completed.

Commercial Businesses would include additional work surfaces/areas particular to the individual business and service requested.

***Customers will receive pics via text as we clean.  This is a "no contact" procedure and for safety requires only the technician/s be inside the premises during this process.

Express Carpet Cleaners llc is an insured and rgistered  business through the state of ND and provides 5 Star Professional Service. We follow CDC and State Health Dept guidelines per Covid-19.

Our Employees are temperature checked daily.  We wear gloves and masks to keep everyone safe. We clean and sanitize our equipment throughout the day and disinfect our tanks and hoses at the end of each day.

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